BAEER Fair Updates for 2014

The Bay Area Environmental Education Resource (BAEER) Fair, a special project of the Lawrence Hall of Science, will be taking a year off in 2014 while we make plans for BAEER Fair 37 in 2015. During this coming year, we will be working as a member of the Environmental Education Collaborative to “support and advance the cohesiveness, effectiveness, and prominence of the environmental education field in the 12 county San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area.” Through the EE Collaborative, there will be opportunities for all of us to network and share resources as we plan for the future of our community. We will design BAEER Fair 37 to move us forward as we address the important environmental education issues of our times.

The BAEER Fair website will continue to share EE resources. We're all a part of a vibrant community, with great heart and vision and have no doubt that we'll create something special for 2015. Let's make good things happen!

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